There are several method to utilize the sludge:

  • Burning with utilization of ash makes it possible to use the potential of the There are several method to utilize the sludge as a material or energy resource;
  • Anaerobic fermentation of the sludge with the release of biogas;
  • Compounded or disinfected by other methods, the sludge is used to create green zones (for example, landscaping parks);
  • The ash can be used in agriculture sector from mono-burning of a sludge with a high phosphorus content and in the absence of other pollutants. The concentration of biogenic elements in the ash is low, and for their extraction the additional processing is required, the methods of which are still at the development stage;
  • The sludge accumulators are still used in Ukraine. This hinder the stable management of sludge because in this case it is impossible to use them as a material, a source of nutrients, an energy resource. At the same time leaks from sludge accumulations pose a potential danger to the aquatic environment;
  • Sludge discharge to landfills in the coming years will decrease due to the introduction of new regulatory requirements and the growing interest in the recovery of nutrient elements from sediment.

We offer following technology of sediment utilization: