It is vital that the water we use every day, was clean and usable. As is known, the human body is 70% water.

Furthermore, all modern household appliances and systems are strongly dependent on the water quality. Despite the huge reserves of water on the planet Earth, you can use only a very small part of it without proper cleaning and preparation. Moreover these reserves of pure natural water are getting smaller every year, and access to them is more difficult.

There are available water resources: rivers, lakes, reservoirs, groundwater, wells and boreholes. However, they often contain an excess of iron, manganese, nitrates, organics, etc. It means that the water must be cleaned. We are working on this every day.

For the purification and preparation of water, we combine the most modern technologies: reverse osmosis systems, ultrafiltration, multi-layer (multimedia) filtration, adsorption purification by activated carbon, mechanical cleaning, various decontamination methods, ultraviolet treatment, etc.


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